Cross Plan Of London 1850 MAPCO

Cross's New Plan Of London 1850

Portland Town & St. Johns Wood Regents Park & Camden Town Pancras & Somers Town Islington & Clerkernwell Kingsland, Hoxton, & Shoreditch Hackney & Bethnal Green Oldford & Bow Bow & Reference To Parishes
Paddington & Kensington Gardens Green Park & St. George, Hanover Square Westminster & Soho St. Pauls & Southwark St. Catharines & Bermondsey Stepney & Rotherhithe Limehouse & Poplar Bromley & Blackwall
Old Brompton & Battersea Chelsea & Battersea Fields South Lambeth & Kennington Newington & Camberwell Meadow Land & Peckham Peckham New Town & Hatcham Isle Of Dogs & Deptford Greenwich

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The Map

Full Title:
Cross's New Plan Of London 1850
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J. Cross, 18, Holborn Hill, opposite Furnivals Inn.
January 1st. 1850
102cm x 63.5cm (40" x 25")
4½" : 1 statute mile
Islington - East India Docks - Peckham - Hyde Park.
8 miles East to West & 5 miles North to South.
Folding plan, with hard cover slipcase. Hand coloured sections laid down on linen. Title set in top border. Explanation and imprint set in bottom border. Date added below imprint. Map divided into half miles and margin marked off in half miles. References to parishes at top right.

This 1850 London plan by Joseph Cross is previously uncatalogued, appearing in neither Howgego nor Hyde, although I am uncertain if it is cited in Boyle. Howgego records a Cross plan c1847 (No. 317-11) with no date in the title or imprint, which showed Victoria Park and the New Houses of Parliament, both present on this 1850 plan. Howgego next cites an 1854 plan (No. 317-12) with the date added below the imprint, in the same manner that this 1850 plan is dated. The 1854 plan showed the London and Southampton railway extended to Waterloo, as shown here on this 1850 plan. So the 1850 plan displayed here includes details from both the c1847 plan and the 1854 plan.

The title printed on the slipcase is "Cross's Large Revised Plan Of London 1850." The title on the slipcase differs from the title printed on the plan itself, although the slipcase description does match the extent of the plan. Note that this particular title is also not mentioned in Howgego or Hyde.

Genealogists and family historians will find this plan a great aid for finding streets in the 1851 Census.

Brief History Of This Plan

The plan appears to have been purchased in 1850 by Simon Gretham Atty, Assistant Ironmonger and Tinman of Bedale, Yorkshire. In 1851 his father, John William Atty, was an Ironmonger in the Market Place in Bedale. No doubt Simon Atty purchased this plan on a business trip to London. Subsequent members of the Atty family have added their names to the slipcase cover and to the back of the plan, scratching out the names of the previous owners while adding their own names to it.

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